22 May 2011

Arielle in the Picture

The day began with a fine mist and remained overcast.  I don't think the air temperature rose above the water temperature.  

But the day was actally better than it sounds for cycling.  And Arielle wanted to go to the beach.

She got into a coy and flirtatious mood:

And she simply demanded that I take some close-ups. 

And another:

And she simply had to show some leg:

For the record, we did about 65 miles together:  to Point Lookout and back, via Rockaway Beach.  It felt really good.


  1. Posts like this one really make me want to join you on these rides. I wish I lived closer to the ocean. I can cycle to South Boston (30 minute ride through unpleasant city streets) and there is a cycle path by the water there, but it is fairly short and there is nothing beyond that. How long does it take you to get to the beach?

  2. Velouria, I'd love to ride with you some time, too.

    Depending on the route I take, I can get to Rockaway Beach within an hour. It's about 15 miles there by my normal route. Ditto for Coney Island. Sometimes I ride to the Rockaways and, from there, to Coney Island and back for a half-century.

  3. The Coney Island half century has a nice ring to it. I have daydreams of taking my future single speed on a train to NYC just to ride with you, if your route is not too hardcore or hilly.

  4. Velouria, the route is flat: the steepest climbs are the ramps to the bridges! And there are a couple of trafficky stretches, but on the whole it's a nice and interesting ride that goes through a variety of neighborhoods and a couple of places that hardly look like they're in New York.