06 May 2011

Even Better Than A Rockette

This morning, I had to go to my doctor's office in Chelsea for a blood sample.  Along the way, I saw this bike parked outside Radio City Music Hall:

Yes, it's a Mercian Vincitore.  Check out the head lugs:

OK, so the pants band blocks the lower head lug.  But what you see on the top lug is a fine example of Mercian's work.

The color is an indigo-ish purple.  The seat tube and head panels are a kind of light beige, with a tint of yellow. The owner/rider, it seems, decided to highlight the yellow  with the rims, pedals and handlebar tape.  While I'm not crazy about the "hipster fixie" touches,  I do like the overall look of the bike.  Plus, it's a Mercian, which by itself makes the bike interesting.


  1. I have recently retired and bought a bike and camera to keep me occupied in my declining years..never having been involved with either before. I am relly enjoying cycling and was lucky to acquire a 1961 Mercian from a friend who had had it hanging up in his garage for last 12 years. The Groupset has been (up ? ) graded but it is still a beautiful machine. Now trying to justify to myself the purchase of a personalized hand built Vincitore as Mercian are only 5 miles down the road Think i will start a photo collection of Mercians that I see, inspired by your blog

  2. Oh that beautiful frame! I agree about the matching accents Have you seen this one?

  3. Velouria: Thanks for the link. I love the detailing on that bike.

    Ash: You live only five miles from Mercian? Lucky you! Welcome to Midlife Cycling!