23 May 2011

A Good Girl Crosses The Bridge

I was a good girl yesterday.  Really!

So how good a girl was I?  Well, I actually obeyed this sign:

All right.  You might argue that I wasn't really such a good girl; I was motivated only by thinking about what I'd have to give up in order to pay a 250 dollar fine.  Or you might say I thought about the other things I could do with those 250 dollars.

Truth is, yes, I did think about those things.  I really was a good girl.

OK...I'll admit it:  I'd just passed by two cops in a patrol car when I snapped the photo of that sign.  They were lurking right by the toll booth, and it looked like they were actually watching us.

And they weren't just any old cops.  They were Nassau County constables.  I'm not so sure they're better or worse overall than members of the NYPD.  (As a matter of fact, some NCPD officers got their training from, and worked for, the NYPD before moving on to Nassau.)

I can't say that they become stricter or change in any other way when they cross the county line.  I have heard, though,that many of them don't like cyclists or people from the other side of the county line.  So, I don't want to think about what might happen if I have to show them my ID.

I should also mention that the bridge indeed lies entirely in Nassau County.  I used to think that it connected the Far Rockaway area of Queens to the town of Atlantic Beach on the other side of an inlet.  However, someone pointed out that the city/county line actually lies at the bridge entrance.

In any event, I entered, and left, Nassau County as a model citizen.  And I didn't have to pay 250 dollars!


  1. I'm glad you didn't get fined, but you know what they say... Good girls never make history :)

  2. Hi Sue,

    Is that a variation of "Good girls go to Heaven; Bad girls go everywhere"? ;-)