Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

01 May 2011

Reaching For The Skies On Our Bikes

Twice I have pedaled through clouds and once, when looking into the horizon, I saw a jet cruising at an altitude a few hundred feet lower than the peak I had just ascended on my bike.

So, as you can imagine, I have respect for Avi and Jesse:

They were riding down a side street near the boardwalk in Long Beach, on the South Shore of Nassau County.  They had just ridden on that boardwalk, as I would soon afterward.  

Avi, who's in this photo, and Jesse are members of a hardcore-punkish-funkish band called White Goblin.  As if that isn't enough to make realize how middle-aged and bourgeois I am, they said they've been to nearly every Critical Mass ride for the past ten years or so.  

They--especially Avi--are very engaging, and that is almost reason enough to go to their next performance.  I wonder whether they'll go to it on the bikes they rode today:

They built their two-story bikes from a variety of frames and parts.  They even did their own welding.  It's not the most elegant work, but I give them "props" for it. After all, I've never welded anything.  

And, yes, Jesse was riding in his bare feet.

Perhaps that's not as shocking as the three-high bike he told me he built, or the double-decker tandem (made from two tandems) Avi says he made.

For these guys, a Pedersen would be a "comfort" bike.

They expressed as much admiration for Arielle as I did for their bikes.  

Then it was off to Point Lookout, for my first ride there this year. 

And Arielle soaked up the rays:


  1. Justine... Can you just please put me out of my misery and do an elaborate photoshoot of one of your Mercian bikes? I think Tosca is my favourite, if I have a choice. You know: looking sexy on the beach, close-ups of the drop-outs, etc. PLEASE : )

  2. Velouria: That's coming. I am just looking for a good setting. I'd love to get all of my bicycles to the beach or someplace, but as I have no motor vehicle, that's pretty much impossible.