10 May 2011

Only Gear Syndrome

Is Tosca suffering from Only Gear Syndrome?  You know what it is: When they don't have to share their single gear with any other bike, they think they're always the center of attention.

Truth is, everyone does pay attention to her, especially when she's at the beach.

People are always peeping at her.  But she loves being the center of attention.  It's really her world.

The evening is young. That's Tosca's time. She's getting ready now.

Well...Even if she suffers from Only Gear Syndrome, she's given me a lot of good times.  And, I hope, she will give me more for a long time to come.


  1. That bike's a beauty!

    I rode my old Schwinn fixed gear last night for the first time this year and wondered why I hadn't ridden it for so long.

  2. Big Oak: Thanks! There really is nothing like riding a fixie, isn't there?

  3. IMO, I think she'll be getting tired in another 40 years or so...

  4. Steve: 40 years? I hope it's that long! Hey, I hope I last that long!

  5. Thank you for the sexy pictures of Tosca on the beach! I think this is my favourite of your bicycles. Possibly this is because I feel Mercians are at their best as single speeds - back to their origins and all.

    Frame colour is amazing as usual. I think it looks especially good against sand. Mercian ought to name that colour Justine - it's pretty much yours!