29 May 2011

A Looker On Lookout At The Beach

In another two months or so, a day like today will be considered perfect, or nearly so.  As it was, it was very nice:  about ten degrees F warmer than normal for this time of year, and almost preternaturally bright and sunny.  I used a lot of sunscreen today!

And there was a slight breeze.  It was just enough to billow the tank top I was wearing.  I swear, that's what the "bulge" in my midsection. 

All right, I admit:  I'm not skinny.  At least not now.  But I can also assure you that I'm not pregnant and have been riding.

Arielle felt like a veritable rocket underneath me today.  And I had the wind at my back from about twenty miles to about five miles from home.   So she certainly deserves to have a couple of "beach babe" photos here.


  1. Sudden transitions from freezing cold and non-stop rain to hot and humid with blazing sun seem to wreak havoc on me. I've been feeling just about ready to pass out. Bleh. Hopefully my tolerance will increase as the summer goes on, but I wish the transition had been more gradual.

  2. Velouria: I agree that this spring was much too brief, if we indeed had any at all. I should think, though, that with all of the riding you've been doing, you should become at least somewhat acclimated to the heat and humidity after a few days of riding.