01 February 2014

Leading Us To Zerve

If you are in New York, Paris or another large city, you have probably seen the local edition of Time Out.  If your city doesn't have an edition, there probably is some very similar publication that lists restaurants, clubs, concerts, art openings and other places and events where you can spend a night--or day--out.

There are also other publications that cater to specific interests, such as Poetry 24 7. And, of course, one can find listings of poetry readings, jazz concerts and such in more general-interest publications and websites such as The Village Voice.

The situation is a bit different for cycling-related events, though.  If you belong to your local bike club or to organizations like Transportation Alternatives, you can find out about organized rides as well as places to buy or rent bikes and related equipment.  However, such information has not been as widely available in non-cycling publications and websites as art-, culture- and nightlife-related listings are outside of venues devoted to them.

That is why I am happy for something Derek Chu passed along to me:  a website called Zerve. It's a bit like Time Out in that it offers information about things you can do for fun in whatever city you happen to find yourself.  There is, interestingly, a page about rides and other cycling-related activities in New York City.  You can also make reservations and purchase tickets, if they are necessary, via links provided in the Zerve listings.


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