15 February 2014

Faux Winter

An ex of mine grew up in the Miami area.  I made a few trips there,including couple during the winter, with her. 

In those days, the stores sold what seemed to be fake winter clothes.  They had the plaids, weaves, muted colors and other visual cues of garments worn to keep the cold off our bods and Jack Frost from nipping at our toes.  I even saw jackets with faux-fur collars and hoods and fuzzy mittens.

But that is where the resemblance between those clothes and the ones I could buy in New York--or from, say, LL Bean--ended.  The garments and accessories sold in Sunshine State stores had about as much insulating value as a candy wrapper.  I'm not even sure those faux cold weather vetements could have shielded their wearers against that meteorological feature found in Florida's nickname.

I found myself thinking about those clothes when I came across this image:

From:  Language Architects

Could it really be that Pee Wee Herman is riding his bike through a fake winter scene?  I'm shocked, I tell you...

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