22 February 2014

How Would My Childhood Have Been Different?

When my family moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey, I found myself taking turns at a new chore:  mowing the lawn.

Frankly, I thought lawns were the stupidest things in the world:  the grass grew, and you cut it every couple of weeks.  You couldn't eat, drink, smoke or do much of anything else with it.  And, if the weather stayed dry enough for long enough to lie on the grass, it was too coarse and wiry.

But, to tell you the truth, what I hated most about lawn-mowing was that I had to do it on Saturdays, when I could have been doing all sorts of other things--like riding my bike.

Maybe I would have been a more obedient and less cranky kid had I had one of these:

From Pink Bike


  1. Did you not realise that people were prepared to pay to have their grass cut and a bike was perfect for getting you there. I cut the family grass willingly because my mean father found clients when drinking in the pub...

  2. Dan--A belated thanks!

    Coline--I was aware of that. I just hated cutting grass.