26 February 2014

Mon Post Millieme/Il Mio Post Millesimo

Today, Midlife Cycling has reached a milestone:  This is post #1000.

Some of you may think I've owned that many bikes during my life. Sometimes I feel that way, although the number is probably somewhere in the mid-double digits.  However, I may well have ridden (if, in most cases, only for a test run) that many bikes.
1000 Bicycles. From English People's Daily Online
I will soon write about some of them--the ones I owned, anyway.  And I hope to continue informing, entertaining and doing whatever else it is I do for you for another thousand posts, and beyond.  Thank you for reading.


  1. Congratulations. I always enjoy reading about your cycling adventures.

  2. Way to go on reaching such an impressive blogging milestone. Happy Riding"

  3. Wow, after checking, I'm only at 865. I look forward to reading your 2000th post.

  4. Always an education and joy reading Mid-life Cycling, especially since I too am mid-life. Congratulations.

  5. MT, DAN, Melanie, Steve and Chris--Thank you for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy this blog!